Peter Amaro Jr.

With over 25 years of flourishing airport concessions experience, Peter Amaro Jr. brings a wealth of knowledge to his role as CEO of Master ConcessionAir. Mr. Amaro co-founded MCA 18 years ago and has not looked back since. Finding success with fine dining, casual dining, quick-serve food, arena concessions, catering, and banquet facilities management, it’s safe to say that Mr. Amaro knows food and thrives on bringing household brands to life in airports. Mr. Amaro utilizes his background in retail and hospitality design and development, logistics, and engineering to solve the complex logistical problems that occur in the day-to-day operations of airport concessions. He pairs his design and operations knowledge with distinguished brands to ensure that each MCA property is built to prosper. Mr. Amaro has been honored and recognized by multiple South Florida organizations for his positive influence in the community. He is proud to have built MCA to its current position and looks forward to continuing to help Master ConcessionAir grow.

William Alberni

As COO, William (Willy) Alberni currently oversees MCA’s operations and its 650 employees. Over the last 17 years, Mr. Alberni has made significant contributions in multiple MCA roles, including as the Controller, IT Director, and Director of Operations. He also learned the ins and outs of the retail and restaurant side of the business by managing MCA’s flagship restaurant. Mr. Alberni came to MCA after working as a credit analyst and a systems programmer for Fortune 500s. It’s no wonder he has helped MCA grow in so many ways.

Guillermo Cardona

Guillermo Cardona brings 22 years of experience in accounting and hospitality to MCA’s stellar team. As Master ConcessionAir’s Chief Financial Officer, Mr. Cardona handles MCA’s fiduciary responsibilities. Taking care of MCA’s numbers includes a variety of functions. Mr. Cardona oversees the monthly financial statements and manages MCA’s banking and audit functions. He also ensures that all financial and tax matters are handled with great care and detail. There are many facets to MCA’s operations, and making sure that the financials are in good standing is vitally important.

Maribel Cardo

Maribel Cardo joined MCA in 2001 and in just three short years was named Partner. As the Director of Human Resources, Ms. Cardo takes great care of all 650 employees. While our team has many contributors and spans 22 different airports, Ms. Cardo strives to ensure that each individual associate feels valued and supported by MasterConcessionAir.  She is responsible for staffing, benefits, compensation, and employee relations. In addition, Ms. Cardo is responsible for ensuring all employees complete all company sponsored training programs to prepare them for their role within the company. MCA offers an environment where our employees can learn and grow in their professional endeavors, and that trail is blazed by Ms. Cardo and the HR team.

Carlos Aguilera

Carlos Aguilera began his career with MCA in 2004 and currently acts as the Director of Operations. Mr. Aguilera rose through MCA’s operational ranks early on as the General Manager of Miami Operations. He currently has a full plate managing operations, overseeing management teams, and coordinating brand openings (but hey, we like full plates in the office as well as the kitchen). It’s not easy to make sure each day runs smoothly, but Mr. Aguilera strives for streamlined efficiency and elite guest experiences. His goal is to provide great service for every guest, every day and every shift.