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Master Concession Air Delivers Interactive Experience at Orlando International Airport Samsonite Store

Master Concession Air Delivers Interactive Experience at Orlando International Airport Samsonite Store

Customers Can Try Luggage Pieces Before They Buy

ORLANDO, Fla. (December 17, 2018) — You roll your luggage across the asphalt of the parking lot, through the tile of the lobby and the carpet of the terminal, stow it in the overhead bin and tuck it beneath your seat and turn to look out the airplane windows—and you do it all before you ever buy an airline ticket.

The new Samsonite store at the Orlando International Airport makes it possible. Airport retail leader Master ConcessionAir (MCA) worked with the iconic luggage manufacturer to deliver a unique, interactive retail experience that allows customers to try products before they buy.

Located in the pre-security B-side of Orlando International Airport’s main terminal, the 850-square-foot Samsonite store offers several interactive zones that simulate authentic airplane experiences. The store even features repurposed airline seats and overhead bins guests can use to see how luggage fits before purchasing. To bring the display to life even further, the Orlando Samsonite store is the first airport store to simulate airplane windows and magnetic signs resembling airplane fins.

Additionally, the store features a carry-on luggage sizer and luggage scale, as well as flooring treatments that simulate how bags glide over asphalt, tile, and carpet.

“Travelers today want experiences,” said Peter Amaro, CEO of MCA. “Being able to give them that while delivering piece of mind about their luggage is a win-win and doing that while working with Samsonite, the leader in durable, innovative travel pieces, felt like the perfect fit.” Founded more than 100 years ago, Samsonite is a worldwide leader in travel bags, luggage and accessories, combining style with the latest technology. The brand is known for attention to quality and durability.

The Orlando International Airport store is now open.

MCA has a longstanding relationship with the Orlando International Airport. The company aims to bring top brands and unique retail and dining concepts to airports around the world.