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Master Concession Air Completes Two Innovative Concepts at Miami International Airport

Master Concession Air Completes Two Innovative Concepts at Miami International Airport

International Brands Desigual and Tous Open Spaces in Concourse E

MIAMI (Nov. 5, 2018) — Jetsetters at Miami International Airport want to look bold, colorful, chic and fun, wherever they are in the world. Two worldwide fashion brands will make that easier for travelers on the go.

Master ConcessionAir (MCA) recently brought renowned brands Desigual and TOUS to Miami International Airport, creating exciting retail space and more opportunities for travelers.

TOUS offers customers modern and practical fine jewelry and accessories. Known for its iconic teddy bear, the brand infuses a sense of fun into easy-to-wear pieces. Desigual aims to dress people differently. With splashes of bright color and unique prints, the brand exudes positivity and creativity, while remaining the peak of fashion.

MCA set out to highlight each brand for shoppers. As part of the project, the company created a cart to display select TOUS pieces, as well as a separate point of sale station. The flexible set up makes it easy and convenient to locate the shop in a variety of airport locations, meeting customers where they are and driving retail sales.

MCA also created a unique cube for Desigual, playing off the brand’s constant drive for innovation. The 230-square-foot store features white accents and clear panels. The design allows for shelves, racks and displays to be easily reconfigured for a different shopping experience. It also makes it easy to set up and close the space for retail hours.

“Today’s travelers want the brands they know and love wherever they are,” said Peter Amaro, CEO of MCA. “At the same time, airports have to find the most efficient use of space while optimizing revenue. These kiosk projects are a win-win, and we’re proud to bring them to Miami International Airport.”

Both the new TOUS cart and Desigual cube are located in Concourse E. MCA, a leader in airport retail concepts, previously helped bring a larger Desigual unit and a larger TOUS store to other locations in the airport.

This is the first time MCA has created the unique cube kiosk, which focuses on women’s clothing. It is also the first time Desigual has debuted such a concept in the U.S.

“We’re constantly thinking outside the box—or in this case, the cube,” Amaro said. “Airports need innovative ways to make the most of walkways and unused space to offer travelers the best experience, and we deliver. We hope to bring similar concepts to other airports soon.”

MCA has a longstanding relationship with Miami International Airport, as well as a strong presence throughout airports in the Southeast.